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Friday, April 19, 2013

Hypnotheticall-A Farewell to Gravity

A solid slab of Dream Theater inspired prog Hypnotheticalls A Farewell to Gravity  is a wonderful record that fuses the old school prog of Queensryche with more modern elements that are reminiscent of Haken or even Scale the Summit.Clearly the work of years of effort this is a promising sophomore release  from a band made up of talented musicians who seem to be continually pushing their sound to whole new levels of  proggy might. With lots of tasty instrumental bridges and layered vocal harmonies A Farewell to Gravity is a magnificent and beautiful release that is worth hundreds of listens.

What is truly notable about this band is their complex rhythm figures which interlock to produce long pieces which never leave the listener bored. Their twisting and turning parts flow together magically to create a sound that I would be content listening too forever. The diaspora of influences on this record is also especially interesting and allows the album to continue well past the 60 minute mark yet stay forever interesting. Their is such a great mix of light and dark here, it is almost Led Zeppelin like, the way the music flows elegantly and majestically crafting intricate soundscapes is simply something you don't really get in a lot of modern prog.

In conclusion, A Farewell to Gravity allows the listener to take a musical journey on the wings of a group of six brilliant musicians. This is a swooping release that carries the listener away into a musical and almost spiritual state of nirvana, fully encapsulating the auditor and forcing them to turn off the rest off the world. A fabulous mix of the darkness of Between the Buried and Me, the bright tones of Rush, and the sheer technicality of Scale the Summit or even Animals as Leaders Hypnotheticall have created one of my favorite prog releases of 2013 so far.

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