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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Striking Beast

Striking Beast

Striking Beast is a young thrash act from Poland who seemingly worship groups like Sodom and Exodus. Whats truly notable about them though is that their vocalist is clearly giving his all. There is an edge to the singing here, a certain harshness that is rarely, if ever found in metal today. Its almost a sort of crazed desperation, a sound that permeates the rest of the groups music for an end result that is far more interesting than the vast majority of the rethrash movement. There is an unyielding ferocity in Striking Beasts music, a sound that shows the true aggression of thrash metal. I have to love the manic solos and incredibly fast riffs. A breath of fresh air in a crowded scene its wonderful to find a group who truly revel in guts, alcohol and gore. With songs like Alcoholic Assault and Nuclear Genocide what you see on the tin is what you get, and it is awesome. So for those who have lost hope in rethrash and thought no good could come of it, check out Striking Beast, you won't regret it.

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