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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Valkaria is an up and coming metalcore band from Melbourne Florida who flaunt a djent influence. With a tightly polished and refined sound these guys still have room to grow. There playing is definitely tight and they find an interesting fusion between the sound of Born of Osiris and August Burns Red. Yet it seems to me that there strongest stuff is their djentiest. While I'm not saying they should completely leave behind their metalcore roots, this band seems like they could be so much greater than they are simply by fully embracing their djenty side. As is, this is an act filled with promise and I think they are doing an excellent job of finding a fusion of more mainstream metalcore with djentier music. Their song Solace showcases the promise they have. Something that could potentially appeal to hardcore kids and prog snobs alike I am excited to see how Valkaria will end up developing their sound in the next few months!

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