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Monday, April 8, 2013

Wings Denied-Awake

Awake cover art

With the general decline of djent in recent months it has become increasingly difficult to find interesting djent with predominantly clean vocals. Fortunately Wings Denied are here for you with their EP Awake. A wonderful progressive metal record with tons of djenty rhythm and shockingly heavy breakdowns Awake is a testament to the enduring power that the djent genre can and should have. These three tracks are beautifully profound and clearly have reached into the souls of the performers. Yes, Wings Denied create djent with a heart.

Their is an interesting fusion of melodeath with djent on many of these tracks. Asides from the distinctly progressive nature ofthe band, the melodeath side of the sound adds a nice aggression and a bit of melody to Wings Denied's rhythmic mastery. I also love the bands longer tracks like Vultures where the songwriting prowess of the musicians is truly given a chance to shine. A seven and a half minute epic, I wish this EP had more tracks like that one. It simply carries a beautiful forward motion and shows the raw potential this band has as a heavy prog act.

To finish, the 19 or so minutes of metal on this EP are stellar and show a promising band at the beginning of a career that will hopefully see them go far. Filled with heavy and djenty riffs along with some fantastic solos and melodic death metal tinged guitar attacks Awake showcases Wings Denied's sound. A great fusing of djent with predominantly clean vocals Awake should fascinate any fan of prog and make them beg for more. A product of great songwriting and intelligent lyrics this is an EP that any trve djentleman should check out and something that many a metalhead would probably appreciate!

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