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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Alphakill-Unmitigated Disaster

A terrifying thrash metal band from Winnipeg Alphakill have a throat ripping and vicious sound worthy of any of the great 80s Bay Area bands. Their new album Unmitigated Disaster seems to be a sort of fusion of the music of Forbidden and Megadeth. Their are dramatic vocal parts and epic guitar solos for an end result that is headbanging and ferocious. In short, a wonderfully technical thrash record with lots of interesting twists and turns Unmitigated Disaster will engage the listener for many a spin and force heads to bang the world over!

As I said before what truly makes this record remarkable is the way the guitar acrobatics fuse with strangely elegant vocals, or at least ones that go a fair sight beyond your standard thrash shouts. At their best they are almost reminiscent of Joey Belladona of Anthrax. Meanwhile the rhythm section is just hectic and there are all sorts of crazy fills which add a lot of flavor to the songs like Becoming the Alpha. They add an unexpected punch to a lot of tracks and its part of what keeps Alphakills music so darned interesting. Their sheer technical capability allows them to go places that many thrash bands could never reach.

In conclusion, this collection of nine chaotic thrash metal tracks show a lot of potential from these Winnipeg natives. As far as debut albums go it features a surprisingly tight overall sound and I'm curious to see if they can further streamline it in the future and add further emphasis on the technical parts. With tons of heavy riffs and chunky little rhythmic germs this band should be able to take on a new stage, going above and beyond their local scene and tour the nation. Unimitigated Disaster is tight and very promising, it will be interesting to see if the band can add to their trademark ferocity and technicality in the sequel!

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