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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Lychgate is an impressive black metal band who are out to take over the world. With their hyper intellectual and introverted black metal sound it seems like they just might be able to do it. The melancholic tones of songs like Sceptre to Control the World are masked under layers of exquisite production and vibrant guitar tones. Speaking of which, this band employs a swarm of very slow and depressing guitar melodies to add atmosphere to the bands sound. That is not to say that there are no moments of raw black metal, many of the songs feature the genre in it purest form, screeched vocals and tremolo guitar lines et al. Yet what truly make this band special is the clanky and strangely crushing minor key melodies that dominate the music. They are what truly entraps the listener into the sound and submerges them in waves of the most unholy black metal. It seems like this band has been chosen by the dark lord himself to succeed and I am very curious to see where this band ov ultimate evil end up a year from now.

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