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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Black Faith

Black Faith

Black Faith is a twisted black metal band from the grim forests of Italy. Their black thrash metal sound is reminiscent of the old lords like Burzum and Mayhem. This is kvlt black metal at its finest with harsh riffs and unforgiving drum lines. Together since 2004 the band has had almost nine years to hone their most unholy craft. Now they are reaping the profits of their satanic work with some of the most impressive black metal songs I have heard coming from Italy in a long while. These guys understand the grim and unholy atmospheres required to create the darkest of metals. The end result should be very appealing to fans of the great old bands who launched the grimmest of scenes. A band who seem like they are capable of going very far and taking their sound to a whole new level I sincerely hope Black Faith can continue their solid upward trajectory built up over years of grim preparation.

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