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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ass of Spades-Sleep When You Die

An explosive rock band from Lausanne Ass of Spades have recently put out their sophomore full length release Sleep When You Die showcasing the group to be a fun band who play high energy rock and roll that sticks in the listeners head. I love this groups high flying solos and Motorhead styled riffs that are filled with an enduring energy that hearkens back to the days of Chuck Berry. Ass of Spades will grab you by the hair and drag you into their rock and roll vortex and not let you leave until you're fully immersed in a world where Lemmy is king. (Moreso than in this one that is)

Yet this band is a lot more laid back than Motorhead, in fact they incorporate a lot of stoner rock influences into their sound to keep things groovy and interesting. Ass of Spades have a riff style that is distinctly their own, torn somewhere between Bachmann Turner Overdrive and AC/DC with a healthy dose of Lemmys trademark grit in their for good measure. With lots of fiery guitar lines and cracking drum beats Ass of Spades won't leave you bored but instead bombard you with heavy riffs and powerful parts that engage the listener for the entirety of the record.

This record represents a 35 minute rock and roll romp that shows a promising band who are just starting to break through. Groovy and set on fire with the incredible power that rock has upon this world Sleep When You Die is a fun testament to the magic of the genre. While by no means an artsy masterpiece if you're looking for something to chill out too and bang your head along with then Ass of Spades is the band for you. With their crunchy riffs and tight production these guys are fun to listen too and will keep you coming back for more!

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