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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hell's Island

Black Painted Circle cover art

Hell's Island is a groovy rock band from Italy. There sound is filled with a barely confined power that often rips out and crushes the listener in shocking bursts of rock and roll energy. Their is a great vibe here that makes their music very much worth listening too. Toss in a couple of heavy bass lines and unorthodox song structures and you have yourself a record that is worth many a listen. In many ways Hell's Island remind me of the up and coming French alt rockers Klone, they have the same mix of light and dark with surprisingly heavy guitar work that really draws the listener in. As a whole their new EP Black Painted Circle is a very cool listen and I'm excited to see what the band can do with a full album. As is they are rather confined and just a tad unrefined on this record, yet with some careful development and more time to expose their soundscapes I feel like Hell's Island could become a truly huge band! It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this group!

Listen to them on Bandcamp!

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