Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Behold The Desecration

Behold the Desecration is a vicious death metal band from San Jose. With sick vocals and brutal riffs that are almost reminiscent of Morbid Angel Behold The Desecrator rip your face off and toss it into the pit, making you a victim of their destructive riffs and pummeling style. Their songs have a nice technical edge to them too and songs like Pseudo-Psychological Reality are made a lot more poignant because of them. I love the variation in tempo present here, they give the music an internal evil that is hard to ignore. Furthermore they generally keep things interesting and keep the listener engaged for an extended period of time. The growls are truly dark going even harsher than those of Corpsegrinder himself at times. Suffice to say Behold the Desecration's vocalist really knows how to get the metal out. All in all, Behold the Desecration is a simply wicked act with a sound that is unforgiving, unapologetic and completely throat ripping. If you're looking for pvre and unholy death metal then you have found it with this band!

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