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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This Thing Called Life

This Thing Called Life is an interesting modern metalcore band from Madrid. Their sound does not shy away from the heavier elements however overall their is a very mainstream metal feel to things. Yet this is very much a band who could appeal to a wide variety of metalheads. Their is a nice unbridled aggression here that makes itself clear on songs like TTCL. It shows how capable the band is of creating some truly violent hard moshing riffs. The lyrics are pretty good too with lines like "Don't listen to what they say about your masks and regrets, Start living now
! Don't listen to what they say about your masks and regrets Your time's too short to waste!
" Showcase the generally positive vibes of the band. As a whole This Thing Called Life are a very strong metalcore act who could go far, especially if they embrace the heavier side of their sound. They have a good vocalist and solid riffs, with some polishing on the songwriting I could see these guys opening for some huge acts!

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