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Monday, May 27, 2013

Bukowski Family-Unpleasantries Abundant

Bukowski Family is a simply vicious death metal band with a sickening sound filled with the disgusting might of Cannibal Corpse. Flecked with touches of gore metal and oftentimes reminiscent of the old masters like Obituary this is a band who know how to make pure death metal and will use it to rip your face off. Their destructive sound and colossal riffs are not something that you will easily forget. Their new record Unpleasantries Abundant fills your ears with an undiluted hatred that possesses the heart and holds the listener in thrall to the eternal might that death metal has over all humanity.

I love the vicious riffs found throughout this record. For someone as desensitized to the monstrosity as I am it is rare that I am truly impressed by one of these acts. Yet the crazed guitar work found on Unpleasantries Abundant appeals to me on a primal level. It reaches back to when I first discovered Cannibal Corpse at the ripe age of 14 and invokes the feelings I had back then. Bukowski Family will invoke the old hatreds within all of its listeners. These men understand how to make true death metal and it will melt your face off and drown the listener in their crazed riffing.

These five tracks embody the glory that is found in the greatest of death metal bands. A band who truly gets how to create the music of the apocalypse the hectic riffs and extremely fast playing found on this record will capture your heart and bond it in the unholy chains of death metal. If you're a pvre metalhead looking for the most vicious stuff on the modern scene then Unpleasantries Abundant is a record that you need to check out. Lovers of all that is harsh evil and gloriously unholy Bukowski Family are a simply magnificent death metal band. I can't wait to see where they go in the future!

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