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Monday, May 27, 2013

Inanimate Existence

Inanimate Existence

Inanimate Existence is a brutal death metal band from the dark reaches of Santa Cruz. Unafraid to add acoustic and progressive elements into their otherwise slamming and evil attack Inanimate Existence feature a take no prisoners style to death metal. They are clearly on the modern wave currently touring the nation with the likes of Gorod. The thing is, Inanimate Existence is simply fun to listen too, their riffs are crushing and the lyrics intelligent. This is simply something you could put on in a car full of metalheads and have appeal to everybody. I love the acoustic breaks that the band mixes into their sound they remind me a lot of Veil of Maya and provide some brief respite from the otherwise unforgiving and completely unholy brutal death metal attack. Their is something to be said for bands who deal in raw brutality and simply get it right. Inanimate Existence is one of those bands and their ridiculously powerful attack is a blast to listen too. If you're looking for some nice face ripping music to chill out too this weekend then Inanimate Existence is a band you may want to give a spin too.

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