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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Coilguns/Nevervoid Split

DDDM09 - Coilguns/Nvrvd split cover art

Coilguns is a heavy d-beat band with a crushing sound and a gritty attitude. Meanwhile Nevervoid are not afraid to dabble in the more obscure and inhumane parts of hardcore. A record that unifies two powerful and strange hardcore bands on the modern scene this is a split for the ages. Their are a lot of strange and experimental sounds to be found on this album, understanding them can be quite the challenge and while it may require some work from the listeners part it is well worth it. Cruising along with a manic hardcore energy this split will appeal to many fans of the genre.

These two bands have distinctly different sounds, yet somehow it works. I think the unifying aspect of both bands is their strange sense of groove. It forces the body into a vile sort of motion a twisted dance acknowledging both groups glory. The diversity present on this record also means that there is a bit of something for every hardcore fan, from the punks to the powerviolence guys. In other words, this record is simply a sort of summary of all that is great in modern hardcore with crazy moshers and more abstract and pretentious pieces. The end product is a beautiful testament to the modern scene.

In conclusion while this record may indeed clock in at less than half an hour it definitely feels like more than that. The musci found on this record is uniquely appealing and has all the grinding power that made hardcore so good in the first place. Yet its infused with the intellect that marks the modern scene. Coilguns and Nevervoids music interchanges perfectly creating a memorable listening experience. If you're looking for a heavy record that is worth many a listen then this split is something you MUST check out!

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