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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Busik Mase

Busik Mase is a nifty grunge styled band from Manchester. Their music is filled with the ethereal beauty and incredible vibes of Nirvana. Their is a great raw energy at play here that helps to make the music special. I love how the vocals get almost atonal at times lost in the might of the music. The riffs overall have a lot of groove, and some, like the one on Room 4, feature a nice touch of stoner rock. They add in a heavy blues flavor to the sound to make it a bit more accessible. Overall the playing is very stripped back, very much in the vein of the grunge ethos. That is not to say that the songwriting is dull though. Even if a lot of the song structures are fairly basic, the listener is made to understand that that's the point! The point is the atmospheres and soundscapes that are crafted by this quartet. One last note, their production while limited in quality truly reflects the ideology of the band, gritty and loose and generally rock and roll. In conclusion, if you're looking for an excellent modern grunge band who have no truck with the post grunge posers then Busik Mase is the band for you!

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