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Saturday, May 18, 2013



Post is a heavy stoner rock band from Heemskerk in the Netherlands. Their sound is reminiscent of high powered Sabbath tracks with harsher vocals reminiscent of Triggerfinger or Clutch. There is a very positive overall vibe on this record making it a lot of fun to listen too. I particularly like the bluesy stoner metal riffs on songs like Road To Nowhere, they just reek of rock and roll energy making them a blast to listen too. There is some tight songwriting here too with some really tasty changes in tempo to keep the tracks interesting. There is also a huge bottom end which helps to make the tracks deeper overall. This is especially apparent on the song Loser. Overall, this is a group with a major emphasis on the riff, a band who will do anything to keep the magic alive and the heads a banging. For all you heshers out there who want heavy hitting stoner rock with a undeniable groove Post is the band for you. They 'get' rock and roll and their riffs are not going to leave you soon.

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