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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stone Orange

Stone Orange is a rock group with a power metal tinged sound and dynamic songwriting. Their new album The Dreamcatcher is a wonderful mix of rock with more metal elements for an end result that is very intelligent and should be appealing to many. It shows a band who are capable of taking on the world with the power vested in them by the likes of Rainbow. Engaging and filled with lots of huge choruses and tasty songs The Dreamcatcher is a testament to the enduring power of rock and roll in the twenty first century, going beyond bland modern rock and instead invoking a new sort of power.

What this band does especially well is give their brand of rock a boost by invigorating it with a plethora of other genres. On this record we hear elements of jazz, power metal, folk, and arena rock. Yet they are all blended into a very cohesive overall sound that has a widespread potential audience. The stellar production really allows the record to shine through with a vibrant mix that keeps the listener involved in the album. This is really an album that absorbs you, be it in the epic choruses or the eardrum caressing solos Stone Orange will suck you up and threaten to never spit you out.

In short, The Dreamcatcher is a rock masterwork. This album reaches out to me al ot more than most other modern rock I review. It doesn't go for raw grit or anger instead it provides an interesting more inspiring side to rock and roll, not without its own youthful rebellion. A band who have a wonderful 80s ethos into a music that is a veritable polymerization of sounds. A record that at once takes you back to the good old days and provides a possible glimpse into the future of the genre The Dreamcatcher is seemingly one for the ages, who can guess what Stone Orange will do next?

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