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Monday, May 6, 2013

Chasing the Rise

The Dawn cover art

Chasing the Rise is an excellent metalcore band who at their best are reminiscent of At the Gates. They have a great sense of how to create powerful melodeath riffs and fuse this with a slightly more mainstream metalcore style. Overall this is an effective blend that calls to mind group like August Burns Red, however there are times when the breakdowns simply don't work. All in all though, this band has some really great songwriting and tracks like Disengage with its incredible soloing showcase how great these guys can be. I especially love the way the riffs pack a huge punch, they help to make the music a lot more accessible and suggest that Chasing the Rise could appeal to metalheads from all corners of the genre. At some points their sound gets so progressive that they could even be compared to Cynic! In short, Chasing the Rise are proof that metalcore can in fact be very good, and with a little polishing on the breakdowns Chasing the Rise could soon rise to world dominance!

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