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Monday, May 6, 2013

Iron Kingdom-Curse of the Voodoo Queen

Iron Kingdom is a powerful New Wave of British Heavy Metal type band who are very reminiscent of Judas Priest. Blessed with a singer who has a simply incredible set of pipes their new record Curse of the Voodoo Queen is a powerful tribute to the NWOBHM gods who made music like this possible. Filled with tasty double guitar riffs, heavy bass lines and explosive drumming Iron Kingdom blast through the listeners ears with their fun sonic overload and good old fashioned dedication to all that is heavy.

I love the epic guitar parts that are found throughout this record, they nicely compliment the similarly operatic vocals. They gel nicely in the songs which average around four and a half minutes in length. The exception being their ultimate track the progressive masterwork Montezuma. The album is nicely laid out too, there are a few shorter rockers that come after some of the proggier pieces. Montezuma is a fitting endpiece to the record, another song like it would have risked the record becoming boring but as is it flows nicely with the rest of the album and leaves the listener wholly satisfied with the work.

In conclusion, if you're looking for powerful guitar driven NWOBHM styled metal that features some simply excellent vocals then Iron Kingdom is not to be missed. Curse of the Voodoo Queen is a killer record with metal anthems and fantasy inspired operas, it nicely sums up what the NWOBHM is all about and properly captures the spirit of great bands like Iron Maiden and Dio. Inspiring and beautiful this is an elegantly running album with excellent production and stellar songwriting that makes for a memorable end product.

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