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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Valpurgis Night

Valpurgis Night

Valpurgis Night is an impressive metal band who find an elegant fusion of thrash and doom, which they have chosen to dub 'Throom'. And while many might just dismiss this band as gimmicky, I have to say that their sound really works. Rather than just being a group of occult Ghost BC imitators, or a band who try to blend two sounds that don't really work together Valpurgis Night have a truly unique and fascinating sound that draws in the listener with its intricate use of light and dark sounds. The alteration between slow and crushing riffs, acoustic magic, and thrash metal evil is incredible. In addition, the vocals are excellent, they add a lot of flavor to the music, this guy can really belt it. He cites Bruce Dickinson as a major influence and does a great job of emulating him while simultaneously adding his own feel to the music. In sum, I was not expecting to be impressed by Valpurgis Night, but I'm really glad I checked them out. They have a powerful sound and some great musicians who seem truly capable of taking their unholy mix of thrash and doom to a whole new level of popularity!

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