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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Slim Loris

Future Echoes and Past Replays cover art

So now for a small break from thrash metal; Slim Loris is an inspiring Americana musician from Sweden (because Swedish Americana is a thing now). Keeping in line with the Two Guys Metal Reviews philosophy that "Swedish is always better" Slim Loris creates fascinating soundscapes that enrapt the listen with their melancholy beauty. It is this melancholy beauty that dominates songs like In Silence with its endlessly repeated piano part. I am distinctly reminded of Jack White at times, the songs have the same earthy quality and really reach into the listeners soul. They make full use of the musics hidden magic for an end result that is like an endless pool of music, at once never ending, but also wonderfully simple. In short, if you're looking for a wonderful young folk artist to check out and fall in love with then Slim Loris is there for you. His new album Future Echoes and Past Replays is a wonderful testament to the power of modern folk.

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