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Monday, May 20, 2013

Degeneration Fuzz

Degeneration Fuzz

Degeneration Fuzz is a cool modern grunge band from Wigan. Their music is a heavy brand of the sound Nirvana pioneered with the same nasal and emotional vocals that gave Cobain so much success. Yet their is something more to be had here. While the exterior might scream 90s grunge there are some darker elements which suggest that at least one band member is a major Celtic Frost fan (A band which Cobain himself loved dearly), there are even touches of Earth Crisis here and there. In other words, Degeneration Fuzz present a slightly darker brand of grunge with all of the same ferocious energy and the grit that originally made the genre so good. I love the shouted vocals on songs like Alcohol, they give a really great vibe to the music. Things become a lot more enjoyable once you realize how much fun these garage rockers are having. Degeneration Fuzz is simply a blast to listen too because they embody so much of what rock and roll should be about. To finish, if you're looking for a grunge band who 'get it' then Degeneration Fuzz is definitely something you're going to want to check out!

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