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Monday, May 20, 2013

Lantern For a Gale-Cut Throat Blues

Cut Throat Blues cover art

Lantern For a Gale is an impressive melodic hardcore band from the town of Belfast Ireland. With their powerful riffs and crushing momentum they have crafted an impressive and tasty single with Cut Throat Blues a modern day testament to the magic that real hardcore has. Filled with an old school hardcore energy and all of the rage that made the genre so successful in the first place Cut Throat Blues completely eschews the modern day hardcore posery for something heavier, more violent and generally just punk. At a little less than eight minutes the only thing this record leaves the listener wanting is more. Lantern for a Gale are clearly very talented musicians and I'm very excited to hear how their sound develops in the future, they could single handedly bring the scene back to its roots, they're simply that good. With their great songwriting and intelligent lyrics my faith has been restored in pvre hardcore punk. And if you're still doubting the groups greatness, check out their album art, all arguments are invalid.

Listen to them on Bandcamp!

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