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Monday, May 20, 2013


Saviour (Official Single)

Two Guys Metal Reviews metalcore favorites Harlot have a new song out titled 'Saviour'. A very solid piece of metalcore with some impressive death metal guitars Saviour does a nice job of fusing cleans with growls. Overall Harlots new single is a tightly polished track that shows the power that the band can have as well as their general songwriting skill. Clocking in at four and a half minutes this track should please many metalcore and melodic metal fans. I would like to say that while the breakdown is solid I would have much rather had some more of the crazy riffing that dominates the first part of the song. In short, Saviour shows a lot of potential and hopefully the band can take the most promising parts of the song (the death metal parts, the stellar mix of cleans and growls) and develop upon them further for their upcoming releases. Worth a couple of spins this is a track that could potentially help Harlot expand their audience and achieve their apparently manifest destiny of becoming metalcore lords.

Stream the single here!

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