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Friday, May 24, 2013

Svart Guder

Now THIS is black metal! Svart Guder is an extremely kvlt band from the darkest forests ov Canada reaching out and thrashing the listeners throat to shreds with piles of uber krieg riffs and necro levels of production. Add in an illegible logo and you have yourself a very promising young act. A band who chill the bones with every note Svary Guder seem to understand the key tenets of black metal many than most others on the scene. Their is a sound that is twisted unholy and unforgiving. Filled with the mediocre production that made the early Norwegian records so magic Svart Guder capture the essence of what old school black metal was all about while simultaneously injecting some more modern folk metal elements into the sound. A pvre and distinctly evil band Svart Guder will sweep you off your feet in a barrage of blast beats and disturbed distortion. If you are looking for a most unholy band to spend your Friday night enjoying in the comfort of your black metal lair then Svart Guder is the band for you!

Find them on their most GRIM Facebook page!

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