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Monday, May 6, 2013

Rusted Brain-High Voltage Thrash

Rusted Brain is an explosive thrash metal band from Warsaw. Their music is of the raw and unholy brand of thrash that made the music of Jeff Hanneman so good. Yet their is also a side of the music that is very reminiscent of early Metallica. Songs like Caught in The Fire only further this connection. The point is, High Voltage Thrash is an extremely solid record and absolutely filled to the brim with riffs that boggle the mind and a latent heaviness that few bands can compete with. An interesting blend of old and new the music of Rusted Brain is timeless and seems capable of garnering many a fan.

Whats truly appealing about this band though is that in their high energy thrash they mix in lots of bombastic elements reminiscent of greats like Iron Maiden or Metal Church. Their is a lot of flavor added here with energetic shrieks which almost remind me of the first few Forbidden records. Overall though the vocals are harsh and unforgiving, reminiscent of Testament or early Metallica. Meanwhile the guitar riffs are very spicy and have a turbo charged sound that blasts the band to whole new levels of heavy. These are given even more fire with nice little fills like the ones featured on the bridge of Executor. In short, the fills on this record are memorable and oftentimes very tasty!

To finish, if you're looking for destructive thrash metal that will pound your face into the dirt and pummel you with riffs so epic that they defy words then Rusted Brain is the band for you. A group who truly understand how to make thrash metal, filled with both incredibly rough riffs and intricate solos Rusted Brain will rip out your throat with their dead ahead sound. This collection of 9 tracks is a delicious testament to the enduring power of the genre. For any thrash fan High Voltage Thrash is a must buy record! It will probably end up being known as one of the greatest thrash records of 2013.

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