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Friday, May 10, 2013



Gregzeye is a fun groovy death metal band from Croatia who fuse their sound with tons of heavy riffs and draw from a wide variety of influences for an end result that is a powerful death metal sound.This is definitely a band who seem capable of bringing their music to a international stage. Songs like Near Death Revelations which have a vibrant death metal energy become surprisingly addictive because of their sheer groove. And what must be said, is that Gregzeye is at their best when they are at their grooviest, it gives their music a tasty quality that few bands can match and I think its what could bring them to a whole new level. I'd also like to point out their lyrics are dark, yet strangely hopeful, featuring lines like 'Made a door in my mind, locked it and lost the key, So no one can reach me, gave me your hand, pulled me out freed me from my own nightmare'. Gregzeye shows the light at the tunnel of despair and I really appreciate that. This young band is filled with potential and with their debut album out now I can only see good things happening in the future for this group!

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