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Friday, May 10, 2013

Roarback-Face the Sun

Roarback is an explosive thrash metal band from Denmark. Their dead ahead guitar attack and crazed riffing is a tasty testament to the enduring magic of thrash metal. Featuring harsher vocals than a lot of traditonal thrash these guys are probably more in the Death/Thrash vein than anything else I have reviewed for Thrash Metal week. Their music is often reminiscent of Repulsion or even Pestilence. Their new 4 song EP Face The Sun is a promising demo release that leaves the listen wanting more from these great Danish thrash hopes.

Their is an undeniable sense of groove on this bands riffs. Even though the music has a go for the throat attack songs like My World have a wonderful vibe that gives the band a lot of flavor. Consider it a large dose of Pantera into an otherwise Slayer based attack. Another notable thing about this record is the huge bottom end that helps to give the album a lot of meat. The bass playing turns this into something you can really think your teeth into and helps to give power to a lot of the flashier solos, as evidenced on the EP's penultimate track I Will Find You.

In conclusion, if you're looking for some wonderfully unholy thrash metal filled with dark lyrics and powerful riffs then Roarback is the band for you. Coupling a skull crushing attack with a truly evil groove and a bombast worthy of Death this set of four songs shows a band who are ready to bring their sound to the next level. Already clearly aware of what they want to do and (perhaps more importantly) how to do it, I am very interested to see how Roarback develops their sound when they finally release a full on album.

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