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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hybrid 6.0

Hybrid 6.0 is a nifty aggrotech band from Southhampton. Very similar to bands like Combichrist Hybrid 6.0 features a nifty mix of male and female vocals. The end result is a powerful sound reminiscent of Rancid. The raw power invoked in the guitar riffs and the heavy programmed lines of Hybrid 6.0 are a lot of fun to listen too. They show the true power that aggrotech can have. The songwriting is very tight an the tracks are all clearly going somewhere. I think the bands overall production could be polished a bit but they're still unsigned so I'll let it slide. Overall though, Hybrid 6.0 are a lot of fun to listen too and with some better production then they could very well become lords of the genre taking their unique brand of dark industrial up into the pantheon aside The Prodigy and Psyclon 9.If you're looking for fresh new heavy industrial music to blow your mind then Hybrid 6.0 is the band for you. Suffice to say the future seems bright for these British beatmasters!

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