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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Harvester of Sorrow

H.O.S. (Harvester Of Sorrow)

Harvester of Sorrow is a tasty thrash band from Italy and a fitting continuation to our thrash metal week. Since 2006 they have been releasing raw and undiluted 'brutal thrash metal', they are the rare band who seem capable of fusing elements from both the Neothrash and Rethrash scenes. While the riffs might not sound out of place on a Municipal Waste record there is a certain aggression and diversity to be had here that shows H.O.S to be more than just a rethrash band, their music is wonderfully angry and occasionally features haunting melodies which should truly unsettle the listener. Yet, in addition to the crazed thrashing there is a certain rock and roll energy to be had here that almost reminds me of early Metallica. Their are tastes of bands like Diamond Head and even Van Halen, this helps to make the record a lot more fun than your average neothrash release. To finish, Harvester of Sorrow are filled with potential and with their unique take on the genre they should prepare to bring their music to a whole new level in the year to come!

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