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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Woslom-Time To Rise

Time for some more thrash metal with a crushing attitude and an inner evil that shatters the mind. Woslom is a very heavy thrash band with a more dramatic side. The end result is a sound that is filled with passionate fills and stellar riffs, but also some more epic tracks. This album features one track that exceeds eight minutes and another that clears nine! (The Ultra Violence anyone?) Yet somehow it works, Woslom can sustain their aggression showing a natural development on  a breed of thrash that Exodus and Death Angel popularized thirty years ago.

The similarities with Death Angel continue as one gets deeper into the sound. The riffs have the same hectic anger that the guys in Death Angel seem to cherish, and there is also a wonderful technicality on display here which adds a lot of flavor to the music. In fact at times it is almost like Testament, with Alex Skolnick type riffing dominating songs like Checkmate. Its interesting to hear a band that goes more for the thrash side of things rather than emulating the Brazilian thrash lords Sepultura as too many South American acts tend to do. In brief, this record has a great aggression to it and the highly talented musicians help to make this release into something special.

Though this record has been around since 2010 its lost none of its fire. This is an album that could very well become timeless. It has all of the greatest elements of thrash metal and fits equally well into the modern scene as it would have fit 30 years ago. A truly powerful record like this is something I rarely get to review, there is just a latent magic that very few modern bands can successfully emulate. With the promise of new material on the horizon its exciting to think about how Woslom could very well lead an entire new generation of South American thrash metal!

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