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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Circle of Reason-These Hands and This Mind

So now I bring you some old Two Guys favorites with the progressive alt rockers from Circle of Reason whose new EP These Hands and This Mind is a wonderful five track piece of magic that embodies how cool the alt rock genre can be. With a plethora of cool influences and a varied and elegant end sound Circle of Reason are a potential filled group whose tightly polished music can appeal to many, from the prog snob to the average music fan. Somehow reminiscent of my buddies in Syqem these guys have a powerful sound and These Hands and This Mind is definitely worth checking out.

What really makes this record special is the great songwriting. Tracks like Themes Amongst Thieves find a strangely appealing balance between djent, alt rock and indie. Somehow their sound works and comes across as one streamlined whole. The other big draw of this band is how beautiful their production is, as Skiwsgar Skigelf once said "The sounds is mores clears than whens it was being mades", its simply that good. The end result is a wonderful EP that showcases an incredibly tight band who seem ready to take on the world. They have a clear idea of what they want to sound like and they know how to use their instruments to the best of their abilities, I can't really complain about anything on this record.

To wrap it up, These Hands and This Mind is an extremely strong indie rock release. With an intricate fusion of styles and epic soundscapes made possible by stellar production this is a record that shows a band who could stand the test of time. Their music has a huge potential fanbase and now its only a question of finding out if they are capable of bringing their music to the people. Suffice to say, seeing where this band brings their brand of refined indie prog is going to be interesting. They have the potential to truly dominate the scene and take the stage next to Imagine Dragons and The Smashing Pumpkins!

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