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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Upon Shadows--7 Chapters

Upon Shadows - 7 Chapters (Shadows of Despair and Other Entities)...

Upon Shadows is a twisted dark metal band from the blackened rainforests of Uruguay. This two woman project is a remarkable testament to the power that the South American scene has. The melancholy melodies and the harsh riffs show a band rife with the incarnate evil required to make the pvrest black metal. One of the darkest bands I have heard in a while their is a sort of raw satanic quality that the music flaunts. 7 Chapters excels in wrapping the listener up in a blackened storm pulverizing their ears and tearing out their throats in the ultimate sacrifice to the spirit of metal.

The production on this record is really interesting. While on one level you have the harsh black metal side their is are also some really cool acoustic soundscapes. At first this might seem strange and generally unacceptable, yet once you really get into the bands sound you can't help but love the strange power it gives the music. I also love the mix of cleans and shrieks it furthers the blend of light and dark found throughout this album and helps to make 7 Chapters into something special. This is a record that captures the heart  with its mournful playing and unforgiving sounds.

To finish, if you're looking for a record that shows a band on the forefront of the South American scene with all of the inherent darkness of Sarcofago and the bizarre beauty found in Burzum Upon Shadows reach out to the souls of the grimmest black metal warriors. A record that will only appeal to the pvrest of the pvre 7 Churches is a magical release and something I could listen too for hours on end. It seems that while for humanity the world may only get darker Upon Shadows future will only get brighter. It will be interesting to see how their extremely grim sound develops.

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