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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Evolvers

The Evolvers are a promising young alt rock band from Dublin who have a sound that could be seen as a stripped down version of The Arcade Fire. Their often ambient music is sometimes reminiscent of Kings of Leons more laid back parts. Overall though, the general vibe seems to be a lot more similar to that of Bombay Bicycle Club than anything else. The issue of course being that The Evolvers are still in demo mode. Yet I get the impression that once they start releasing stuff with more solid production they will rapidly gain fans. Suffice to say, the potential is there, the songwriting is great and the musicians are clearly capable of executing what they want to do. Once they manage to supersede the barrier of production these guys could become huge. In short, this is a band who truly understand how to make modern rock and they have almost all of the elements in place to become lords of Ireland. Now I hope that they become capable of taking their sound to a new, more polished, level and showing the world what they are truly capable of!

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