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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stone Magnum-Stone Magnum

A doomy forty five minute romp through some of the heaviest jams and most powerful riffs played since Black Sabbath, Stone Magnum eponymous release is an incredible debut from a band who promise to find their own place in the metal pantheon. Filled with both heavy, bombastic riffs and more upbeat rock playing reminiscent of songs like NIB Stone Magnum add their own taste to what is essentially a vibe ripped straight from the pages of Black Sabbath. And somehow, their grittier sound and mountains of groove come across wonderfully, proving that old school doom metal still has power in the modern scene.

I simply love the guitar work on this album, its very tasty and can give the music piles of punch and a Pantera style groove making the songs fun to listen too and easily accessible. Yet the band is not afraid from embracing their slow side and falling into 60 bear per minute passages with slow acoustic parts. As I previously said, these are often reminiscent of Sabbath but they could even be compared to Saint Vitus or even the mysterious Ghost BC. Stone Magnums special brand of groove doom is something few bands can emulate and gives their music a crushing power that is simultaneously incredibly tasty, it makes this is a record I could listen too for hours on end.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a huge slab of heavy metal to punish  your brain with slow riffs but also twisted grooves then Stone Magnum is the band for you. With stellar songwriting and some very tight production their debut leaves me wanting more. Suffice to say that I am very curious to see where these doom merchants carry their sound in the future. Will they become more of a groove metal band or become even slower? Or will they continue to march upon the middle path that works for them so well here? Only time will tell.

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