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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Obscure is an appropriately named deathcore band who have been crafting crushing riffs since 2011. These guys have a ridiculously heavy sound and have brutarian stomp worthy of the craziest mosh pits. From the crazed circle pit riffage of Deciever to the more laid back breakdowns found on most of the other tracks their is a lot to enjoy with Obscure. The strange pulse embodied by their music sweeps the listener off their feet and forces them into a twisted dance worshiping whatever strange Elder God allowed for the creation of this least holy of musics. Obscure is wholly enjoyable and their pulverising sound will certainly never be anything but obscure. Instead they seem like the kind of band who will enjoy huge success on the fringes creating the most violent mosh pits and watching as posers make more money. Yet Obscure seem like the type of band who will stay trve and never leave their ideals behind. They won't fade into poserdom and one day when trve metal prevails, hopefully Obscure will be at the front of the charge.

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