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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Path To Ixtab

Black Sky cover art

Path To Ixtab is a very dark and extremely grim black metal band from the most frostbitten regions of Greece. I should clarify now, that while the band has, as they put it 'a black metal nucleus' these guys are not afraid to explore other sounds, most notably blackened death metal. What really makes this band special is the ear desecrating waves of sound that seem to flow out of their amplifiers in some sort of twisted Satanic ritual. The best example of this would be on the track Hunter/Defiant whose pulsing guitar part lures the listener into a false sense of security with its strange groove. This strange groove is permeated throughout the album and adds a sort of Glorior Belli flavor to a lot of the songs. I love the oddly artsy quality that a lot of the songs have, it puts Path to Ixtab in the pantheon with other wonderfully elitist and intelligent black metal acts, this is not metal for unpvre to say the least. In short, if you're looking for black metal with strange grooves and a black heart then Path to Ixtab is the band for you!

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