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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Twingiant-Sin Nombre

Sin Nombre cover art

Twingiant is a powerful metal band from Phoenix Arizona. Their music is a destructive breed of stoned sludge, filled with gargantuan riffs and terrifying growls. With a very heavy sound  Twingiant reach out and suffocate the listener with their bass heavy ostinatos and drench the ears with layers of unholy distortion. Theirs is a grimy excellence that makes itself known on songs like Fossilized, a track which truly showcases what the band is all about, huge solos, riffs that smash your head into the ground and a slow crushing energy that fills the listener with a sort of existential dread. Their new EP Sin Nombre is an evil tribute to how powerful the sludge metal genre can be.

Yet what is truly notable about this group is the vocals. They take a while to get used too, but once you start to accept them into your heart their unholy message becomes delectable. It gives the music an extremely heavy vibe and almost an experimental sound on certain parts. But I'll point out once again, it takes multiple listens of their EP before one can truly become immersed in a band with a sound that is this abstract. However the feeling that the music finally impresses upon the listener is not one to be missed. With their colossal riffs and ear drum destroying solos Twingiant is clearly a band made of raw power and Sin Nombre only confirms this belief.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a fresh new sludge band who will cover you in dirt and pummel you with Black Sabbath flavored riffs then Twingiant is the group for you. These guys know how to write some very solid tunes and they make use of a bass heavy mix to fully immerse the listener into their sound. A strong record topped off with perfect production that truly emphasizes the bands grit and allows the marijuana seeped riffs to fully prosper Sin Nombre should appeal to many a fan who seeks to enjoy some pvre and powerful heavy metal.

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