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Monday, June 3, 2013


Metal is a ridiculously fun and crazy metal band (duh) who fight for the glories of the genre across all of the earth. Their new album Proving Our Mettle is chock full of metal anthems from a group of warriors who truly understand what it is to be metal. The music presented is an interesting blend of thrash and power metal, perfect for communicating the glories of our favorite genre. The choruses are really what makes this band special. Nearly every song features a huge anthemic chorus that gets fists pumping and heads banging. In addition, most tracks feature a crazy shredding solo with lots of fun flashy passages and a few heavily pentatonic riffs to add flavor the songs. It is truly something to be reckoned with, a modern day metal force reminiscent of the old gods. In many ways Metal could be viewed as a modern day equivalent to Manowar. In short, if you're looking for a band to rasie your hammer with and you've already blasted all your go to anthems then Metal is the band for you!

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