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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Amon Amarth-Deceiver of the Gods

Amon Amarth is one of those bands who just seem to get better with time. I first got into them when I was but a lad of 12 when Twilight of the Thunder God came out, then Surtur Rising became one of the first death metal albums I ever got really into. Now we have Deceiver of the Gods a semi-concept album dedicated to the Trickster Loki. An album that will rip your lungs out your back and pour salt in your wounds (As they do on Blood Eagle) Deceiver of the Gods is quite possibly the greatest Viking Metal album of 2013 and probably the best of Amon Amarth's distinguished career.

The riffs on this record are better than ever. Two stellar examples of this would be on the tracks Shape Shifter and Blood Eagle. These two tracks are highlights simply because they really reach out and throttle the listener with the string attack. Their are also a few epics on Deceiver of the Gods. My personal favorite is Under Siege which features some of the coolest lyrics Amon Amarth have ever written. It showcases both the excellent songwriting found throughout this record and the sheer viking might that makes Amon Amarth so much fun to listen too. I'd also like to point out that Hegg's growls have gotten even better since Surtur Rising. With this record Hegg really proves that he is worthy of the title of virtuoso death growler.

In short, Amon Amarth have done it again. Defying all odds they have become even better and proven to the world that the true viking spirit will never die. From the initial charge on the title track to the triumphant end of Warriors of the North this is a metal record through and through. Gloriously masculine powerful and victorious all true metalheads have to love this record. Already on my fifth listen I can't see myself putting this record down in the near future, it's simply that good. If you're looking for what will eventually go down as an all time great death metal record then Deceiver of the Gods is the album for you be sure to pick it up when it drops June 21st!

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