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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Caligula-Greastest Hits

Originally I wasn't expecting much from a band whose second album seemed to be a typo prone Greatest Hits collection, I mean, the idea of the album being titled Greastest Hits raises at least a few red flags with any listener. And then I actually listened to the music and was thoroughly impressed by Caligula's fascinating mix of jazz, metal and everything in between for an end result that is rather unique and keeps the listener occupied for hours on end. Their Faith no More inspired tunes have me constantly trying to identify new layers hidden within Caligula's trademark fusion sound.

I love the way the songs flow on this record, they are all simply so unique and just plain different. It reminds me a lot of Mr. Bungle. The strange melodies that dominate the tracks helps to give the music a bit of a theatrical air, adding a touch of the whimsical to an intense musical attack. This furthers the unique appeal of Caligula, their sound is a bit of hodgepodge but it works, because you expect it to be a hodgepodge. Eventually you wind up with a record you can both mosh too and swing dance too, occasionally within the span of the same song, something few bands can claim to do. While some of the songs could be tightened up a bit as a whole the music works very well.

So, if you're looking for a unique breed of metal that will give you a fresh start to your day then Caligula is the band for you. Different from anything I've ever heard before and still very good I'm excited to see where this band brings their sound in the future. Suffice to say Greastest Hits has overcome my initial prejudice against it. Heavy and fun, fast and furious, jazzy and melodic this is a truly bizarre record that shows a potential filled band who seem ready to take their music to a global stage. Signed to my friends on Dooweet these guys can go far. Here's to hoping that 2013 becomes the year Caligula breaks through!

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