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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Beijing is a nifty band from Connecticut whose epic alt rock soundscapes will encapsulate the listener and bring them into a sort of musical nirvana. The powerful and often ambient sounds of Beijing are distinctly beautiful, something that can appeal to many a music fan. It suggests to me that Beijing are on the verge of becoming a truly huge band. When one considers their sick songwriting chops and very appealing sounds I could see these guys exploding onto the modern rock scene in the very near future. With a few lucky breaks and some of the right connections I would not be surprised to see the next Beijing album being near the top of the charts. What really makes these guys special is that while their music is very accessible its also very intelligent, the end result is a sound that is very appealing to anyone who likes any sort of modern rock or alternative rock. If you're looking for something fresh and new from a tight band who seem ready to go onto a whole new stage then Beijing is the band for you!

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