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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Crypts of Dissimulation cover art

The problem with most modern progressive death metal is that it loses the raw desperation and anger that makes traditional death metal so good. This makes it especially refreshing when a band comes in and rips the lid off the fairly decadent morass that is the modern progressive death scene. So leave it to the insane Indian scene to come up with a logical response to death metal decadence. Fragarak is an insane death metal band who crush faces with their incredible riffs and tightly polished sound. Their tracks are mostly aroudn 6 minutes long and they lose no time going for the throat. Yet even if a song like Insurgence rips your face off in the first thirty second their is still something to look forward too, it builds up and becomes even more powerful, encapsulating the listener and holding them in thrall to the incredible power of this band. Some of the other songs feature more traditional buildups but the end result is the same, total eardrum annihilation. So if you're looking for a top notch death metal band who will show you that the scene still has a lot left to give then Fragarak is the band for you!

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