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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shadow Alliance

Shadow Alliance

I'll be honest with you, normally when I get a 'traditional heavy metal' band like Shadow Alliance I find a group of 'unique' 18 year olds who are excited to start a band now that they're in college with a mediocre 'singer' and a 'virtuoso' guitarist. The lyrics are contrived and the playing sloppy. I am glad to say that this is not the case with Shadow Alliance. Here to kick out the posers with roaring vocals and soaring guitar lines Shadow Alliance are a group of gifted musicians who understand what heavy metal is and want to reveal it to the world. With riffs that will get a mosh pit moving and a singer who is quite honestly in the league with Halford Shadow Alliance have the potential to get huge fast. The riffs are fun and easy to latch on to making them great for both trve metallers and more mainstream fans. This is one of the rare bands that can appeal to the common man and retain its trve nature. A group of very talented musicians I tremble to think how well this band will do when they can finally get a full length out! Suffice to say, if you are a lover of metal anthems and good times, Shadow Alliance is the band for you!

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