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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Darkest-Human Decay

Darkest is a cool thrash metal band from Brazil, a country that has long been known for having an absolutely stellar thrash metal scene. Darkest are no exception to the countries fine pedigree, the crazed riffs and circle pitting drum lines prove that Darkest are in many ways noble heirs to Sepultura, metal masters who are ready to drive their musical violence to the max in the name of Iommi's music. With a harsh delivery and some stellar songwriting their new EP Human Decay is a blast to listen too, a sign that the Brazilian thrash scene will never die!

What I really like about this band is their heavy riffs which help to make songs like Death on Strike. The bridge of that song features one of the coolest riffs I've heard all year. It pushes the band past the rethrash master and into the realm of neo-thrash along with Revocation and Nylithia, this is one of those thrash metal bands that could seriously push the genre to a whole new level. The hyper melodic solos and frenetic drum lines help to showcase the finesse of the band, it proves that Darkest can attack thrash metal from multiple angles, making their sound all the more poignant.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a pure and undiluted thrash invasion to kick off your hump day with then Darkests Human Decay is the album for you. 18 minutes of unsullied and pvre thrash metal that will blow your head off with rapid riffs and a crazed dedication to moshing this is an album that engages the listener and then beats them into submission. Browbeating thrash metal at its finest this is trve thrash metal! For all you thrash metallers out there prepare to have your juggulars ripped out and your teeth kicked in, Darkest are here and Human Decay will rape and murder your wife!

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