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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shotgun Syndrome

Shotgun Syndrome is a cool death metal band from Darlington who absolutely slay live. Their music is harsh, unforgiving yet strangely addictive. Often reminiscent of bands like Machinehead but with a few more devastating breakdowns. This bands live recordings are absolutely vicious, their singer seems to be an absolutely crushing frontman and now I really want to see them live now... What really makes this band tick with me is their crazed approach to riffing and the circle pit inspiring riffs on songs like Am I Dead Yet a vicious thrash metal anthem that just makes the listener want to start a pit and crush some poser scum. The growls are vicious too, he has a sort of Randy Blythe type dedication to brutality. His earthy Irish accent helps to give the band a much more down to earth feel. In short, if you're looking for some cool violent death metal that will engage your senses and keep you headbanging for hours to come then Shotgun Syndrome is something you must check out!

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