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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Metal has always been a large and highly diverse genre with literally something for everyone. Now, I've long been a fan of pirate metal bands like Alestorm and Swashbuckled but the vastness of the metal genre can only be fully realized when one accepts that their is German language Pirate Metal, and not only does it exist, but it's quite fabulous indeed. Elmsfeuers new album Schatzsuche is an explosive record filled with piratey melodies and a healthy love for alcohol. This set of 12 tracks (And an intro) is a lot of fun to listen too and shows the enduring might of the German scene.

The songwriting on this record is very solid, much like with bands like Alestorm the main body of the track revolves around the accordion and violin melodies which help to give the records their 'pirate' quality. Admittedly this band is a lot less metal than some of their other pirate metal contemporaries, in fact they remind me a bit of Lagerstein. I'd also like to call attention the absolutely stellar production which attracts the ear from the first crash of the waves on the introductory track. This excellent mix really allows the band to shine and display what they're truly capable of.

If you're looking for a wonderful way to spend your Saturday afternoon look no further. This is a tight album that should resonate with any lover of the legends of Blackbeard and Captain Jack. Accessible to fans of both trve folk metal and modern rock Elmsfeuer is a blast to listen too and their powerful swashbuckling melodies will keep you occupied for at least a few spins. Another great addition to the burgeoning global pirate metal scene I hope that one day soon Elmsfeuer have the chance to sail the seven seas and take their own brand of metal across the globe, they certainly deserve it!

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  1. Great review man! I listened to them on YouTube and I'm really looking forward to buy their Album!