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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Glass Sky

Glass Sky

Glass Sky is a cool prog band from California. Their sound is made up of epic soundscapes and intricate song structures that swallow up the listener and force them into a sort of music induced trance. Their music is distinctly beautiful and reaches out and touches the soul. Their is a wonderful ethereal quality to the music here and it latches onto the listener and doesn't let go. Glass Sky is in fact distinctly difficult to stop listening too, I just want to listen to their tracks again and again fully milking them for their musical glory. Their are a lot of really great acoustic passages here complimented nicely by the synths. In fact I would even go so far as to say that Glass Sky is one of those bands whose music is better the lighter it is, not that they do heavy poorly but more that their light stuff seems to have so much more depth. I also really like when they fuse dark and light as they do on the track Cairo Machine, a simply stunning and charming instrumental. In short, if you're looking for fresh new prog with an edge Glass Sky is the band for you!

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