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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Fatality (CA)

Fatality is a ripping thrash band from Toronto. Their crazy riffs and wild solos are often reminiscent of bands like Municipal Waste and yet Fatality are still very much their own thing. With element of neo-thrash in a sound that is otherwise more than willing to respect the old masters these guys are a lot of fun to listen too. I love how they have elements from every epoch of thrash's glorious history incorporated into their sound.  Their new single, Monstrous is a tribute to the magic of thrash metal, with a fist pumping chorus and a terrifying riff these guys know what it is to thrash in the 21st century. As they prepare for their gigantic Towards Disastour things seem to be heating up for these Canada natives. Suffice to say, if this new single is any indication then we should all head out to pick up their new album Psychonaut when it drops June 28th. these guys know what thrash metal is at its finest and are not afraid to force their beer fuel mayhem onto the world. If you're looking for something fast and vicious then Fatality is definitely the band for you!

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