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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sanktuary-Something Fierce

Some of you may remember Sanktuary from my review of their single Raise The Flag last week. Well now I'm proud to say I have a copy of their debut record Something Fierce and this is most definitely a slab of manic hard hitting rock and roll. Dubbed 'Heavy Metal for Heavy Metallers' Sanktuary know how to write ear bashing metal anthems that pump the listener up with a glorious metal ferocity. A band who fully realize that denim and leather are what brought us all together this is a fiery debut record that will 'smoke your weed and smash in your face'.

What makes this album special is the cross section of anthemic choruses, incredible singing and perfect production. The end result would not have been out of place alongside the Iron Maiden and Judas Priest records in the vinyl racks band in 1983. That is not to say their is no modern flair here, some of the solos were probably influenced by more contemporary metal but the general feel of the music is very 1980s. I love the feel of the vocals, they have both D'Iannos grit and Dickinson's finesse they really bring the music to a whole new level.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a ferocious and fun NWOBHM styled record then this is the album for you. More violent than Iron Maiden but also quite a bit more laid back than Slayer this is a record that should appeal to metalheads across the globe. Rife with references to classic metal anthems, fiery solos that will take you by the throat and pounding riffs that are meant to be listened to as you roar on down the highway Sanktuary are not to be missed. If Something Fierce is any indication then these guys are well on the way to a long and successful career of pure heavy metal mastery.

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